Christ the King School


87 York Street,
Beaconsfield WA 6162
PO Box 213
South Fremantle WA 6162
P: (08) 9487 9900

“We are focussed on maintaining a contemporary approach to learning and pride ourselves on the fact that every individual child is known by name and need.”

Our Vision

At Christ the King School we recognize the strength that comes from being a unified Christian community where everyone is focused on the needs of every individual child. As such, our Vision is to be a place where, every student is challenged and supported to be their best in an environment of hope, love and trust.

Our Mission

  • We strive to develop an environment that supports our Vision by;
  • Being inclusive and focussed on the individual needs of every child
  • Supporting students to become meaningful and active members of society who model their Catholic faith
  • Working in partnership with families and parish to create a co-operative, enriching and affirming community
  • Offering a supportive, engaging and challenging learning environment
  • Providing opportunities for all students to reach their potential Caring for And Respecting Everyone
    (CARE is our school motto and an integral part of our Pastoral Care program).


C.A.R.E stands for: Care for and Respect Everyone

When students demonstrate a genuine respect and care for others by acts of kindness, courtesy, awareness of the environment or simply positive behaviour, this will be acknowledged. Children will receive from staff, care tickets, which can be placed in a ‘post-box’, located outside the library. The care tickets are used to acknowledge positive playground and classroom behaviour. This will then allow the children to enter the raffle at Assembly, as well as contribute points to their house.

Our Strength & Competitive Advantage

We are focussed on maintaining a contemporary approach to learning and pride ourselves on the fact that every individual child is known by name and need.

Our School Wide Focus for the Next 4 Years

Ensuring every child is challenged, engaged and striving for personal best.

Christ the King School Song

We are one big family
Working together for unity,
Happy to learn and share the fun
As we care for and respect everyone

Verse One
At our school we work together
We care for and respect each other
Co-operation is the key
To working well in harmony.
Some have come from far off lands
To join the circle of aussie hands
We help each other at work and play,
As we share in God’s love day by day.

Verse Two
At Christ the King we’ll learn together,
We’ll share our gifts and help each other.
Collaborate and we will see,
Just how easy it can be.
In the classrooms, out at play,
We’ll help love grow every day.
With peace in our hearts, we’ll spread the word,
Around the world our song will be heard.

Verse Two
We face the future all together,
We care for and respect each other
With hope, love, trust in God we pray,
To guide us in our work each day.
Everyone is special we know,
We help each other for love to grow.
So everyone at Christ the King
Lift your voices with joy as we sing.

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