Christ the King School


87 York Street,
Beaconsfield WA 6162
PO Box 213
South Fremantle WA 6162
P: (08) 9487 9900

“We are focussed on maintaining a contemporary approach to learning and pride ourselves on the fact that every individual child is known by name and need.”


Principal – Mr Peter Panizza
Assistant Principal – Mr Brian Dobbie
Assistant Principal – Mrs Kristy Polimeno
Principal’s Assistant/Administration Assistant – Mrs Mary Urbano
Bursar – Mrs Reshma Fernandes
Administration Assistant – Mrs Toni Darch

Our Classroom Teachers are as follows –

3 Year Old Program – Mrs Kristy Polimeno
Kindergarten  – Mrs Sheree Anderson
Kindergarten – Mrs Rikki Chapman and Mrs Alicia Travis
Pre Primary – Mrs Lisa Seaward
Year 1 – Miss Helen King and Mrs Kristy Polimeno
Year 2 – Mrs Rose Gumina
Year 2 – Mrs Lisa Luelf
Year 3 – Mrs Julie Gummer and Mrs Caterina D’Angelo
Year 3 – Mrs Lily Hartley
Year 4 – Miss Loren Morellini
Year 5 – Mrs Anna Fanning
Year 5 – Mr Damian Geaney
Year 6 – Miss Ivana Kezic
Year 6 – Mr Damian Albuquerque

Other Staff and Assistants around the school include –

Specialist Teachers
Performing Arts – Mrs Caterina D’Angelo (Tuesday – Wednesday)
ICT – Mr Brian Dobbie (Yr 3-Yr 6) & Mrs Deirdre Hughes (PP-Yr 2)
Physical Education – Ms Margaret McLinden (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
Librarian – Mrs Deirdre Hughes (Tuesday – Wednesday)
Learning Centre – Mrs Antonia Johnstone

ECE Special Needs Teacher – Mrs Lucy McGinnity
Italian – Mr Fernando Desiati

Support Staff
Gifted and Talented – Mr Brian Dobbie
Reading Recovery and EMU – Mrs Fran Hagen

Special Needs Staff
Teacher – Mrs Antonia Johnstone

ECE Special Needs Teacher – Mrs Lucy McGinnity
Assistant – Mrs Rita Onoforo
Assistant – Mrs Delyn Ferron
Assistant – Mrs Tonina Cammarano
Assistant – Mrs Amanda Viti
Assistant – Mrs Chisato McArthur
Assistant – Mrs Amanda Wilson
Assistant – Miss Grace Williams
Assistant – Mrs Rebecca Taniwha
Assistant – Mrs Narelle Gibson
Assistant – Mrs Vanini Jusuf
Assistant – Mrs Renae Dunn
Assistant – Mrs Terzita Acquarola

Teacher Assistants
Mrs Lucy Jocelyn
Mrs Franca Pasquarelli
Mrs Cathy Pagani
Mrs Claire Anderson
Mrs Jo-Anne Bafile
Mrs Tanya Bosco

Library Assistant
Ms Jo-Anne Bafile (Tuesday)

Mr Andrew Corcoran
Mr Ray Lewis (Gardener)

Canteen & Uniform
Canteen Manager – Mrs Toni Darch
Uniform – Mrs Toni Darch

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