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What is sustainability?

Sustainability means using natural resources in a way that we could keep using them for a long time. As humans, we can be more sustainable by reducing our use of natural resources.


What are we doing for sustainability at Christ the King?

  • The strategies of reduce, reuse, recycle and compost will be incorporated in our everyday          activities.

  • Waste minimisation and litter reduction will be included in the relevant areas of the school curriculum. We aim to minimise the amount of waste going to landfill.

  • Recycled products and others that help reduce waste will be purchased where possible. We encourage smarter, eco-friendly thinking about purchasing of products at school and at home.

  • We aim to develop environmentally sound attitudes, habits and values and educate the school and wider community about the waste wise message.

  • We encourage a whole community participation (students, teachers, non-teaching staff and family members) in waste wise practices.

  • We will conduct a yearly waste audit to assess the successes of our plan and evaluate the projects that have been implemented.

Accredited Wastewise School

At Christ the King we are an accredited Waste Wise school and have received multiple grants to get Sustainability programs running throughout the school. We collect organic waste from recess/lunches and this goes to our worm farms, chickens and compost bins. Each class has a garden bed that is close to the classroom where students have the chance to watch herbs, vegetables and flowers grow throughout the year, with the help of worm leachate.


Student Contributions

The Year 6 Green team help by regularly emptying the paper recycling bins in each classroom and looking after the chickens. Other year levels are also involved with the collection of organic waste for the worms and using shredded paper for the worms.

CtK Recycling Stations

At Christ the King we recycle the items listed below. Items can be brought to the recycling bins at two locations, one near the Learning Support Centre and the other when you walk into the quad area from the ECE car park.

  • Batteries

  • Containers for Change

  • Plastic lids – Lids for Kids

  • Nespresso Coffee Pods


Plastic Waste

All single use plastic waste from lunchboxes are returned home, while plastic free lunches are encouraged. Our students are educated about the longevity of plastic in our world and the time it takes to break down in landfill

Recycling Station.png
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