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Our Community: Student Life
Special Needs Learning Support Centres

At Christ the King School we run a Learning Support Centre which consists of 

two areas; an early childhood hub that caters for children from Pre-Primary to Year 2.

Along with a Primary hub that caters for children from Years 3 to 6.


We work in partnership with parents, teachers and outside agencies to create each student’s Individual Education Plan.

  • Each Individual Education Plan focuses on formulating priority goals to unlock the student’s potential and development across all domains.

  • Engaging and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities are provided for the students within a safe and supportive environment. This encourages the students to experiment and take risks.

  • Learning is nurtured and valued. Centre staff provide a variety of stimulating and challenging activities which allow for success and achievement.

  • The students’ needs are considered individually and addressed in a dignified manner which fosters each student’s positive self-concept. We strive to help every student to be the best they can be and to shine!

We offer an inclusive education that caters for students who have varying levels of disabilities, ranging from supplementary, substantial, and complex special needs. We focus primarily on developing Literacy and Numeracy skills. Additionally, we run a comprehensive Life Skills Program that includes, cooking, social learning, protective behaviours and money skills. All Learning Support children who attend the centre also engage in Religion, Science, HASS, Music, Art, Technology and Physical Education classes with their peers. Furthermore, these students, along with their Education Assistants, attend their mainstream classes after lunch to enjoy engaging learning experiences with their peers.


There are two full time specialised Teachers and 15 highly experienced and qualified Education Assistants. We pride ourselves on staying abreast of current research and continuously upskill our knowledge to meet the students’ needs.


The Learning Support Centre provides two sensory rooms, an inclusive outdoor playground with a wheelchair swing and therapy rooms where external agencies can provide services for the students.

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