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Early Childhood

At Christ the School School, we acknowledge that each child is made in God’s image and likeness, with their own unique talents and individuality.

We provide an integrated curriculum and a dynamic learning environment, ensuring we consider the formation of the whole child –with social and emotional development alongside the academic. This is in alignment with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).


Together, as a Catholic community, we acknowledge that it 'takes a village to raise a child' and together we strive to pass on the multiple dimensions of life long independent learning.


To do this we aim to create an environment that supports respectful and collaborative relationships in which the child's wellbeing and spiritual development is fostered.

We believe:

  • Each child is a precious and sacred gift from God, created as an individual with their own unique talents and abilities

  • Parents and Families are the first and most influential educators of children and continue to play an integral part in their children’s education

  • All children learn and develop in different ways and at varying rates

  • Children learn best in an engaging, stimulating and nurturing environment

  • ‘Play’ is the fundamental tool through which all children learn and develop

  • The ongoing skill development, social development and understandings learnt, and built upon, during early childhood provide children with the building blocks for future learning 

  • The children in our care deserve to be encouraged to be active learners and taught to reflect critically and to be creatively engaged in their own learning

As early childhood educators we consciously and critically use a play-based curriculum as our vehicle for engaging learners. For children, play ignites their natural ability to engage in exploration, problem solving and investigation, while using their imaginations.


These are all consciously incorporated into our teaching to create purposeful and meaningful experiences that balance children’s agency with explicit and intentional teaching.

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