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Fathering Project

Our Purpose:

To foster a stronger school community by connecting fathers and father figures.

Recognising the importance of a father role and support challenges faced by fathers and their children.

Why we exist:

The Father’s Group at Christ the King is an initiative

founded to foster a strong school community and

develop links with the wider community.

Our aim is to support fathers and father

figures through connection whilst positively

engaging with the children in their lives.

Research shows fathering groups like this can

  • Increase father and child connection

  • Increase child development

  • Support positive mental health

  • Support different parenting styles

“Never is a man more of a man than when he is a FATHER”

How do we connect and What do we do?

  • Engaging activities and events

    • Events including children

    • Fathers/father figure only events

  • Connecting fathers and father figures within the school community

  • Improving fathering skills and knowledge through professional development opportunities.

  • Increased involvement to grow and be sustained as part of the school community.

Contacts and information

Facebook: Christ the King – Father’s Group




Beyond Blue – Healthy Dads

The Fathering Project

Relationships Australia

The Australian Parenting Website

DadsWA – Ngala

Black Dog Institute

Maggie Dent

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