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Teaching and Learning: Academics
Technology & Cyber Safety


Christ the King prioritises Digital Technologies as an integral part of the core curriculum for students from Pre-Primary to Year 6. At Christ the King we believe that technology is the future of all workplace skills that is required for our students of today.

To support our Technologies program, the school provides the necessary infrastructure, hardware, technicians and a Digital Technologies Lead teacher to support staff and students. Careful consideration is taken when purchasing school owned devices for students and their shared use in Junior Primary (Pre Primary – Year 2). Christ the King provides our Year 3-6 students with a school owned and managed 1:1 iPad. We also have a class set of laptops for class use.


Technology Resources & Infrastructure


Each room in Christ the King is fitted with a large television and some are interactive to support our teaching and learning program. Additionally, our school is equipped with new infrastructure to ensure adequate bandwidth for 1:1 devices. Teachers have access to spheros and robotic equipment to enhance their digital technologies lessons. Plus there is a large Lego Wall located in the library where children can add pieces to build creativity and use their imagintaion. 


Digital Communication

Parents are actively encouraged to be part of the school community online, with the use of the SeeSaw to view their child’s online Digital Portfolio.


Educating Future Ready Citizens 


Our main goal is to assist students towards becoming future ready citizens and to provide them with technical skills and collaborative abilities in order to function and work in the rapidly changing digital world.

We believe that technology compliments and assists teachers and students to learn, collaborate and explore during lessons. Digital tools are embedded across all areas of the curriculum at our school, both in the classroom and in specialist areas such as Science, Dance, Music, Art, Italian and Physical Education.

Cyber Safety at CtK

We are committed to the ideals and benefits of 21st Century learning for all students by providing exposure to a range of technologies including iPads, Surface Pros and PCs. We want the very best for our students and believe that becoming digitally literate and responsible users of technology will enhance their learning opportunities and will prepare them for their future at high school and beyond.


Students in Years 3 to 6 participate in a 1:1 iPad program for in school use only. We also have BeeBots, Makey Makies, OzoBots and Lego Mindstorm to develop student coding skills as required by the Australian Curriculum.


Your family, your school and cyber safety

Our school recognises that children today are growing up in an increasingly online world and that it’s important that we do more to support and guide them to navigate this digital landscape.


Successfully developing healthy and responsible digital citizens requires a holistic approach, and that’s why our school’s cyber safety ecosystem allows us to work collaboratively with you to support your children’s digital development and provide the advice and support you need.


Parent Workshops around CyberSafety with ESafeKids will happen throughout the year and their website is

Kaylene Kerr from ESafeKids will be presenting Workshops to all students in Years 4-6 plus a Staff Workshop followed by an evening Parent Workshop in Term Three, 2023.

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