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Student Wellbeing


At Christ the King School we believe all students have the right to learn and feel happy in a safe and secure environment, in order for this to occur it is important that all students, parents and staff understand their rights and responsibilities. These are outlined in our Christ the King School Codes of Conduct.


This page is a collection of resources to help all members of our community gain clarity as to the roles of students, parents and staff, and also provide a means for our school members to understand their pathways and options if they feel the need for clarity and support.

Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) has developed the Child Safe Framework which outlines the expectations of schools and the support offered to all students, families and staff in relation to both the educational and pastoral care needs of the children in our care.


Three Key Practices

  • Situational Prevention

  • Extended Guardianship

  • Modelling Healthy Respectful Relationships

At CtK School Support and Healing is seen by…

  • Student & Parent Complaints Process

  • Mediation through CEWA IR Team

  • CEWA Psychology Service

At CtK School Voice of the Child is seen by…

  • Extra-Curricular Programs

  • Student Feedback

  • Year 6 Leadership Program

  • Student Code of Conduct

At CtK School Culture is seen by…

  • Religious Education & Pastoral Care

  • Student Wellbeing

  • Staff Wellbeing

At CtK School Policies & Procedures is seen by…

  • P&F and School Advisory Council

  • Website and links to Accountability documents

At CtK School Human Resource Practices is seen by…

  • Mandatory Reporting Training

  • Staff Growth & Development Plans

  • WWCC, Declaration Form

  • Code of Conduct for Volunteers

At CtK School Governance & Leadership is seen by…

  • Child Safe PL

  • Keeping Safe Curriculum

  • WWCC & Code of Conduct

At CtK School Investigating & Reporting is seen by…

  • Crisis Management plan

  • OS&H

  • Risk Assessment & Review Process

At CtK School Quality Assurance is seen by…

  • Whole School Education Programs

  • Behaviour Management

  • Climate Surveys

  • Parent/Carer Surveys

At CtK School Risk Management is seen by…

  • ​Risk Assessments for Incursions and Excursions

  • Concerns/Complaints Register

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